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Beverly D. Cromartie

A life devoted to serving others; that is how we can best describe this businesswoman and clergy.  Beverly’s career path was inspired by seeing the needs of others go unmet.  She is noted for her many benevolent acts in addressing the needs of others. Professionally, she meets many people who require the assistance and expertise of a knowledgeable professional.  She is unselfish with sharing that knowledge to comfort the family in the time of loss.


Reverend Cromartie has always felt that education is an important staple in everyone’s life.  So it is mirrored in her own educational background. She was educated by the Baltimore City Public Schools. Her Bachelor of Science degree was earned from the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1996, she received her Master of Divinity from the United Baptist Seminary.  Additionally, in 1976, she received a Master of Science degree from Johns Hopkins University.


Until 2002, she was employed by various funeral homes in the City of Baltimore, but she served most of her time with her mentor, the now deceased, Mrs. Patricia Betts of Betts Funeral Home.  Reverend Cromartie attributes her for the knowledge and skill she possesses today.  Mrs. Betts’ pushing her beyond her limits, has forced her to grow into the blossoming entrepreneur she is today.

Upon opening the Beverly D. Cromartie Funeral Service, she was one of the City’s few female owned funeral businesses. Beverly often recounts her meager and lean beginnings but never without thanking God for those you stood by her side to make her dream work.  She thanks God for her mother, father, and grandmother who believed in her. Additionally, she had another mentor who was a scholar and a friend, Ms. Shirley Pinkett.  She, too, is deceased; but Ms. Pinkett has left an indelible imprint on Beverly’s life.


The motto of the Beverly D. Cromartie Funeral Service is “Professional Service with a Personal Touch.”  She lives by it. She entreats each family as if they were her own.  This mindset and the practice of excellent customer service is instilled in each staff member.

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2700 Edmondson Ave. Baltimore, MD 21223

OFFICE: (410) 400-3440 FAX: (410) 779-6562


Beverly D. Cromartie Funeral, Funeral Homes, Baltimore, MD

2700 Edmondson Ave. Baltimore, MD 21223

2700 Edmondson Ave. Baltimore, MD 21223